Janson Sommers

Recording Project 2014
Played: Drums

Janson Sommers is a talented young singer songwriter, new to the Austin scene. He and I worked together on drum parts for a few of his songs and I contributed a second bass line on Right Wrong. I love this kids vocal delivery and writing.

Aint That Cute

Janson wrote, played guitar, bass, keys, and sang on this tune. I played the drum part on this song. In order to achieve an isolated, sparse part, I played each drum on a separate take. First kick, then snare, then hi-hat. (Like they did on all of that 80s music, but with a different result.) I love this great indie rock sound. Somehow, Cake meets Tom Petty?

Right Wrong

On this song, I played drums on three different takes to get a big noise wash. I also overdubbed the snare rolls you hear on the chorus, in case you were thinking that part sounds impossible to play. I also played a second bass part on the chorus.