Mick Southerland Steps Out Of

Mick Southerland Steps Out Of The Shadows And Into The Spotlight Where He Belongs!

Over the past twenty years, soulful Mick Southerland has been an essential part of the Austin, TX, music-scene, lending his extraordinary talents to many projects, bands, & artists throughout his career. From playing live on stage in front of the crowd, to recording sessions in the studio, Mick’s assisted multiple musicians breaking out of Austin and helped them find the success they deserve. And now it’s his turn.
With the quintessential style & swagger that makes a singer/songwriter stand apart from the rest for all the right reasons, Mick’s innovative approach to music and powerful mix of thought-provoking, poetic lyricism & heartfelt melodies create a strong connection that resonates within the mind, body, and soul. Creating songs that dive boldly into real & raw emotions, unafraid to reveal the beauty in the light & dark as one – he’s put together a compelling & captivating lineup of tunes to form his first official debut EP, called Ghost In This House. The stunning lead-single/title track “Ghost In This House” is set for release in September, with plans for the full EP to be finalized over the fall and put out in early 2019.
Loaded with content that completely connects and offers listeners an authentic perspective, Mick’s long time spent in the shadows is about to turn into his true moment in the spotlight as a solo artist – and he couldn’t possibly be more excited to share that moment with each and every one of YOU out there.