Tammany Hall Machine

Recording and Live Project 2003-2008
Played: Bass 

In a Blonde Wig

Mega Lamb

Tammany Hall Machine / Mega Lamb from Joel Mullins on Vimeo.


Tammany Hall Machine, 2004
Amateur Saw, 2007

10th Best Rock Band in the 2006-2007 Austin Music Awards
9th Best Indie Band in the 2006-2007 Austin Music Awards
8th Best New Band in the 2005-2006 Austin Music Awards

“It’s not too long before Tammany Hall Machine will transform ordinary people into fanatical British school girls.”
–The Austin Independent

“…ensuring maximum transistor bliss for fans of pop with a capital P.”
–Austin Chronicle

“…the band combines the 60s pop of the Kinks with the art rock of David Bowie to create a refreshing pop sound with rock grit.”
–Austin Music Magazine

“…carefully crafted pop perfection, blending early ’60s Beatles and Kinks with a liberal helping of David Bowie and Queen…The resulting melody-centered cocktail goes down easy.”
–The Daily Texan

“Die-hard fans of purist pop should take this wild ride.”
–Austin Chronicle

“…unapologetically original.”

“…really excellent stuff that deserves to be heard.”
–Popbang Radio

“[Tammany Hall Machine’s] classic Brit-rock inspired sound could find favour in the UK.”
–London Times

“…offering audiences an eclectic style of rock ‘n’ roll resulting from true innovation and genuine talent.”
–The Austin Independent

“…a rocking group that packs as much punch as a boxing kangaroo with Abbey Road blaring in his headphones.”

“…a marvelously textured, wide-ranging pop album that validates THM’s repute.”
–Austin Sound


Tammany Hall Machine began in 2002 as a recording project in a dusty garage in Buda, Texas, and grew into one of the most exciting live bands inhabiting the Austin music scene. Combining the “60s pop of the Kinks with the art rock of David Bowie to create a refreshing pop sound with rock grit” (Austin Music Magazine), the band gained a loyal following and earned a stellar reputation for both its originality and its raucous live shows.

The band released its self-titled debut album in December 2004, and the record received rave reviews from a variety of local and national publications. In 2006, THM was recognized by readers of the Austin Chronicle as one of the best new bands in Austin, and in April of that year, they toured the Midwest, playing a series of highly-successful shows, including an appearance at the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Chicago, Illinois.

Tammany Hall Machine’s second album, Amateur Saw, was recorded by ex-Halley drummer Scott Oliphant and was mixed by Erik Wofford. The album was released on January 26, 2007.

During their short reign atop the Austin indie-pop scene, THM shared the stage with a variety of local and national acts, including The Bangles, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Ghostland Observatory, The Black Angels, and Bob Schneider.

Bio written by Joel Mullins: