The Calm Blue Sea

Live and Recording Project 2007
Played: Bass

After Tammany hall split, I hooked up with The Calm Blue Sea to play bass. We recorded an early EP and played a few shows. It was in TCBS that I met the incomparable drummer Stephen Bidwell who went on to start Hard Proof Afrobeat.

The Calm Blue Sea is a critically acclaimed instrumental “post pop” band in the tradition of Explosions in the Sky and Caspian.

NPR Music
Song Premiere: The Calm Blue Sea, ‘Mary Ann Nichols’
“‘Mary Ann Nichols’ — one of many enthralling epics on the group’s excellent second album, Arrivals & Departures, out Oct. 9 — packs in several songs’ worth of drama, as torrents of blustery guitars, atmospheric interludes and inscrutable vocals are fed into a single glorious swirl.”

MTV Hive
Stream the Calm Blue Sea’s “We Will Never Be as Young as We Are Tonight”
“…a very ominous listening experience — perfect for anyone looking for some on-demand tension.”

Austin Chronicle
Review: Arrivals & Departures
“…moody, minor piano and guitar interplay slowly escalating into a tidal wave of countermelodies and exceptional drumming so densely atmospheric that it can help you dissociate from reality.”

KUT Austin
The Calm Blue Sea Album Release Show
“They’ve created this mind-blowing coalescence of elegance and explosiveness. Brilliant and breathtaking.”

Austin Monthly
Arrivals & Departures review
“On Arrivals & Departures, there’s no denying the musicianship of this band, especially from its monster rhythym section.”