The Deaf Ears

Recording and Live Project 2008-2010

Joel Mullins
Scott Oliphant
Mick Southerland
Geoff Dupree

Live Forever, 2009

The Deaf Ears arose from the ashes of Austin’s acclaimed indie-pop quintet Tammany Hall Machine. Featuring three ex-members of THM, as well as ex-Halley drummer Scott Oliphant (who engineered and coproduced THM’s final album), The Deaf Ears are in many ways a leaner and more cohesive extension of the THM sound. In fact, some of the band’s songs are leftovers from the THM era.

The band’s debut album, Live Forever, was a critical smash. In an age when most commercial recordings are edited and auto-tuned to death, The Deaf Ears chose to leave their tracks raw and untouched—stray handclaps, closing doors, and all. Every track was recorded to 2-inch tape, and absolutely no computer edits were made. The result is the organic sound of living musicians playing real instruments in an actual room.

Written by Joel Mullins:


“Why beat around the bush. The Deaf Ears have crafted one of Austin’s best indie rock albums of the year…so refreshing and compelling that I haven’t taken [it] out of my car stereo since I popped it in two weeks ago…one of the best debut albums I’ve heard from a band…Every song on this CD is magical.”

“Former Tammany Hall Machine conductor Joel Mullins picks up right where he left off, opening his new quartet’s debut with an energetic, piano-pop punch…”
–Austin Chronicle

“Live Forever, The Deaf Ears’ debut album, is proof positive that sometimes when things fall apart, things can actually come together…sounds like it was poured out of a whiskey bottle and straight into a dive bar jukebox.”
–Austin Sound

Honorable Mention in the Best Austin Albums of 2009
–Austin American-Statesman